Pakistan Flooding

Pakistan Flooding

In the summer of 2010, major flooding in Pakistan covered an area larger than the size of the country of England and affected more people than the earthquake in Haiti, yet the news coverage is minimal and the relief efforts have barely begun to scratch the surface. Relief efforts continue now in the aftermath of this disaster. World Relief International uses funds from the denomination’s ministry to provide initial relief in disaster areas where they have existing partnerships with local organizations. Covenant money will help provide food, shelter, hygiene kits, and other items.



Pakistan Floods
An update from our partner World Relief on our shared response to the Pakistan flooding…Devastating floods have impacted as many as 20 million people in Pakistan…Read more…

CWR Funds Assisting Victims of Pakistani Flooding
Covenant World Relief funds are being used in Pakistan to help people who have been devastated by flooding that has affected 12 million people…Read more…