Thailand Community Education

Thailand Community Education

This project enables the local marginalized and at-risk youth to pursue a broad and deep education that will empower them and their communities for the future. This project is a partnership of Covenant World Relief, the Sustainable Development Research Foundation (SDRF), the Tutorial Learning Center (TLC), and the Center for Sustainable Development (CSD).

The project focuses on integrating two key disciplines of the CSD – appropriate technology and education through the construction of a multi-discipline building that will facilitate that integration by providing resource rooms for 4 key purposes – computer lab, classroom, internet communication room and a shop room  As a result of this project, the CSD will become the “hub” for appropriate technology training and for educational studies for the Baw Klua area serving both the farming communities and the educational institutions in Nan. The appropriate technology focus will be enabled by an appropriate technology team from Drexel University (Philadelphia) composed of professors and students in the Mechanical Engineering department of Drexel.



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