Thailand Fish Farm

Thailand Fish Farm

This Covenant World Relief project is empowering the Center for HIV/AIDS Affected Communities (CHAC) in south Thailand to set up a fish farm for raising white sea bass or “barramundi,” an ocean fish with incredible potential for fish farming.  Profits from the fish farm will enable CHAC to help marginalized HIV/AIDS communities in south Thailand deal with their needs for basic housing, children’s education, livelihoods for sustaining their families and multiple health issues. 

With the help of the Marine Research Institute (MRI), a Covenant World Relief project in 2010, the CHAC fish farm will also provide local HIV/AIDS communities with training, guidance and resources for raising white sea bass in their local communities. The communities will receive white sea bass fingerlings from the CHAC fish farm and will grow them out in floating cages in local estuaries and lagoons to a one kilo marketable size. This project will empower local HIV/AIDS communities in South Thailand to move from a marginalized and stigmatized existence to a new life of stability and hope.

Cost Breakdown

$70 – Fiberglass nursery tank for fish fry
$60 – Fish feed cost for one month (100 fish)
$67 – Floating net for fish grow-out
$160 – Initial training in one HIV/AIDS communities
$200 – Water pump for nursery system
$578 – One month of staff training at government fishery department
$1,000 – PVC water pipe system in nursery
$1,000 – Oxygen pump for nursery system
$2,666 – Diesel generator for nursery system


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