Cameroon Passing on the Gift

Cameroon Passing on the Gift

In the northwest region of Cameroon, the Covenant World Relief passing on the gift project has entered another phase. In this phase, a demonstration farm will be created to show how to breed and raise chickens, sheep, pigs, rabbits, and goats. This demonstration farm will share livestock with the most vulnerable in the community. The beneficiaries will then participate in a “passing on the gift” model of development. When the livestock they have received breed and produce more chicken, sheep, and goats, they will pass on these young animals to others in the community who are vulnerable. All through the project, the leaders at the demonstration farm will participate with the community members in training, encouragement, and leadership development.

Cost breakdown

$5 – Day old chick
$12 – Shovel
$50 – Parent pig
$360 – Medication for chicks


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