Central African Republic Agriculture

Central African Republic Agriculture

The Center for Experimentation and Training in Agriculture (CEFA) is an NGO (non-governmental organization) in Gamboula, Central African Republic that provides innovative approaches to farming. CEFA’s focus is on improving food security through advances in staple crop production, vegetables, beans, and small animal production. No other project of its kind exists near Gamboula and CEFA is filling a vital role that has long been neglected. Covenant World Relief is partnering with the Foods Resource Bank to provide support for CEFA.

Through this project there are many wonderful outcomes for the community:

  • trainings and agriculture lessons for community members will be held based on the findings of their research;
  • a park for the community has already been dedicated and continues to be planted with fruit trees, flowers, and other plants that are being tested for distribution in the region;
  • a model farm is being used where one family can try out the successful planting methods and the new varieties of crops as a demonstration to the public; and
  • a nutrition garden has been planted outside the local hospital. This nutrition garden provides food for the patients being treated for malnutrition but also provides a learning experience for the families so they can prevent their children from becoming malnourished again.


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