India Water

India Water


34 districts of Maharashtra state in India were severely hit by drought at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013. It affected 11,108 villages with acute shortage of water. Crops failed, animals died, farmers migrated, and the poor were left with helplessness. During this crisis, the Hindustani Covenant Church and its ministry Covenant Social Services partnered with Covenant World Relief to provide relief for the most affected vulnerable people of six villages.

Almost two years have passed, but some of the villages are still to restore to normalcy. Scarcity of water is the major problem of these villages. Considering the severity of the situation and the daily struggles of villagers for water, Covenant Social Services is now addressing the water issue of these six villages by:

• Increasing the water availability of 15 wells with water recharging units
• Conserving 60,000 liters of rain water in a year through rooftop harvesting structures
• Repairing 8 malfunctioning hand pumps
• Drilling 12 new bore wells to provide clean, safe drinking water for 1440 people
• Decreasing the water usage of farmers by offering 12 training programs on organic farming to 240 marginalized farmers

Cost Breakdown:

$250 water recharging unit
$420 rooftop rain water harvesting unit
$750 repair of hand pump
$1100 drilling of one new bore well