Kenya Education for Refugees

Kenya Education for Refugees

In partnership with the Covenant Church of Kenya, this project provides education for Congolese refugees in Kenya. Though these children’s lives have been disrupted by the conflict in Congo and their families have had to flee to Kenya, the Covenant Church of Kenya will be ensuring that the children are able to return to school and begin to find a new sense of normalcy. With their children cared for during the day, the parents are now able to spend their days looking for work as well.

This project is also the focus of the 2011-2012 Children’s Service Project. To learn more, click here.

Cost Breakdown:

$17 books for a child in nursery school
$20-$30 books for a child in primary school
$45 school uniform for one child including socks and shoes


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See Kitengela (the video above) on mobile or web via Vimeo.