Mexico Holistic Development

Mexico Holistic Development

In partnership with the Foundation for Family Development, this project serves the children, youth, and women from the communities of Dos Cerros (Two Hills), a cluster of low-income neighborhoods that have been some of the most affected by violence in the city of Monterrey. This is a relationship-based ministry, walking alongside families and individuals who are struggling with poverty and violence in their communities.

This project enables participants to break the cycles of poverty and violence by furthering their educational and occupational opportunities as well as preparing them holistically to resolve conflict in non-violent ways. The educational components work in and with the public school system to facilitate violence prevention courses, teach English, and offer tutoring in other academic areas.

Cost Breakdown

$54 – Session of English class for youth
$715 – Violence prevention course in junior high school
$1,121 – Training workshops for community leaders


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