South Sudan Vulnerable Children and Widows

South Sudan Vulnerable Children and Widows

Because of the ongoing conflict and HIV/AIDS epidemic, many children in South Sudan have been orphaned. Within the large number of orphaned children exists an even more vulnerable group of children – the orphans who have additional complicating factors that make them even more marginalized (such as physical disabilities or illnesses). The Covenant Church of South Sudan is working to alleviate the social, psychological, and economic hardships facing these marginalized children so they can face a better future through self-reliance and independence.

The conflict has also left countless women widowed. The Covenant Church of South Sudan is working with these vulnerable women to create sustainable livelihoods. The women receive vocational training in tailoring, weaving, masonry, carpentry, and pottery. They also participate in micro-finance ventures to begin to generate their own income. Through this holistic project, vulnerable widows are able to improve their standard of living and care for themselves and their children.

Cost breakdown

$20 – School uniform for widow to attend training
$30 – One month of school fees
$35 – School uniform and shoes for children to attend school
$45 – One month of vocational training for widows in refugee camps
$450 – Sewing machine to be used by widows in vocational training
$2500 – Micro-finance support loans for widows



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