Find Resolutions

Find Resolutions

The Christian Action Commission prepares resolutions on ethical and political issues and recommends particular actions informed by biblical perspective. These proposed resolutions are then reviewed by the denomination’s Executive Board for recommendation to the Covenant Annual Meeting and a vote by delegates. In the tradition of the Covenant, these resolutions are not binding. With the Covenant’s long-standing emphasis on freedom in Christ as one of our core affirmations, individual churches and church members are free not to abide by resolutions. But they still carry significant weight.

[pull]”The purpose of these resolutions is that our people will engage with them. What is more important is that the opinions expressed in the resolutions are not only opinions, but that they cause us to grapple with challenging issues about how we live our faith in the world.”
– Donn Engebretson[/pull]


Health & Life
Environment & Creation
Global & Politics
Mercy & Justice
Poverty & Crime
Race & Ethnicity
Violence & Abuse