Short-term mission opportunities (2 years) exist in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) in education for those interested in women’s ministry and in teaching.

Women’s Teachers and Advocates
We’re looking for people interested in women’s ministries, women’s literacy & skills classes, and in work with a girl’s school. The Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) and local churches have regular Bible studies, life training classes, literacy courses for over 100,000 women, as well as a school specifically designed to help women young and old to finish high school. The CEUM would like a woman to work with women’s leaders in DR Congo to carry out seminars, work on new courses and studies, and be a part of the women’s ministries program. French would be helpful. Most work would be done in Lingala, which short-term missionaries would begin to learn upon arrival in DR Congo.

Education Work
We’re looking for EFL/Conversational English teachers, seminary teachers, and teachers for workshops and trainings. CEUM runs 11 preschools, 232 elementary schools, and 153 high schools, and one university serving about 70,000 students and employing 2,500 teachers and administrators. Specialized high schools include commercial, science, technical and humanities schools. The University has schools of theology, economics, agriculture and law. The CEUM wants experienced Christian teachers at the high school and university level to teach in schools and to work with the education department to provide continuing education to teachers and to improve administrative capacity. Education through 4th grade is done in Lingala. Starting in 5th grade through university, all teaching is in French. The CEUM wants teachers who live out their faith with other students and teachers. French required. Three to four months of language study in France available, plus two to three months learning Lingala upon arrival in DR Congo.


Next Steps