Short-term mission opportunities (2 years) exist in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) in health for those interested in medical ministry.

Medical Ministry
Medical staff work with the Covenant Church of Congo (CEUM) medical system which includes five hospitals and over 100 clinics, curative and preventative care, a nursing school, Congolese doctors, nurses, physical therapists, lab techs, etc. French language and tropical medicine studies are required before arriving to work in Congo for two years, but can be included in the short-term service. On the job, French, Lingala and local languages are used regularly. The CEUM doctors work mostly with public health specialties. The CEUM wants doctors and nurses who are experienced and have specialties but who can also work in general medical situations, who can work alongside and train Congolese staff, who can adapt western training and experience to another culture, to diverse medical needs, and to less technical treatment options. The CEUM wants Christian practitioners who live their faith.


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