Vision Trips


Vision Trips

Vision trips are designed to provide congregational leaders with focused experiences and deepened understanding around missional themes in various cultures around the world. Our hope is that participants will be inspired and bring back perspectives and insights from the trip to enrich the life of their church.

The themes for the trips include human trafficking, relief and development, refugee ministry, urban ministry, and peace and reconciliation. Participants will learn from our ministry partners how God is at work in the country and how they engage with the above themes in their cultural context. The trips consist of men and women and multiple ethnicities to optimize the learning experience. The intended outcome is for mission leaders to find ways for their congregations to thoughtfully and deeply engage and invest in these global concerns with our global partners.

Required Assessment

Intercultural Developmental Inventory (contact

Suggested Readings

The New Global Mission by Samuel Escobar

Readings will also be based on the theme of the vision trip and the country.