Coaching of Pastors

The purpose of Co-Op is to assist Covenant pastors in developing the skills necessary to lead their church to its full kingdom potential through pastor coaching. Co-Op helps the pastor lead strategically and organizationally. Through coaching, the pastor receives guidance on how to turn vision into reality.

Our proven approach utilizes the combined synergy of customized coaching and pre-designed ministry systems. Co-Op does not compete with the core training of pastoral arts in preaching, teaching, and caring. Rather, it focuses on leadership areas that pastors often seek for supplemental training.

The seven “macro” areas are:

  • Strategic planning and implementation
  • Leading change
  • Organizing and delegating
  • Maximizing key leadership positions
  • Systems for outreach and assimilation
  • Maturing your church financially
  • Developing leaders and teams

New coaching groups begin each quarter. Registration deadlines for coaching requests are:

  • January 15
  • April 15
  • July 15
  • September 15
“The coaching experience has provided me with a wealth of tools that I can draw from in fulfilling my call as pastor. The weekly calls with my coach were very practical and could address very “real” and very “now” issues in my day to day work. There were a couple of key themes that kept surfacing: design more do less, systems approach to everything, guidance in the hiring process, absolute need for Strategic Planning, working on my ministry not just in my ministry. Coaching provided a language to discuss things and the courage to fully embody your call.” – Covenant pastor