Empowering People, Inspiring Change

Veritas provided the language, EPIC provides the how-to. As a follow-up workshop to Veritas, EPIC talks about the spirituality, chemistry, and strategy of leading healthy missional change, and equips leaders with the necessary tools.

EPIC also explores the inner life of the leader and how to be a non-anxious presence while leading through the turbulent waters of change. Many pastors and lay leaders lead change from the seat of their pants. EPIC helps us to think through the process of change sequentially from beginning to end. EPIC does not tell churches what to change, but how to change… and how to change in a way that is civil, compassionate, and Christ-honoring.

EPIC is for clergy and laity, and is usually taught on a Saturday from 9 am – 3:30 pm. Attending a Veritas event or watching the Veritas DVDs is a prerequisite to attending EPIC.

“I recommend EPIC for any church member who is interested in the revitalization of the local church. The seminar gives practical help in how to make needed changes in a ‘civil, compassionate, and Christ-honoring manner.’ People should know that EPIC is not just for church leaders, these seminars are so good the whole congregation should attend!” – Covenant lay person