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Special Note to Pastors

Special Note to Pastors

There is so much pressure on pastors today to succeed.  If the truth were told, most pastors are evaluated by bodies, bucks and bricks.  This is a capitalistic approach to ministry evaluation.  The ten healthy missional markers provide a more holistic and Biblical approach to pastoral evaluation.

Whether your constitution/by-laws call for a Pastor Relations Committee or a Mutual Ministries Committee, the ten healthy missional markers provide well rounded metrics for pastoral effectiveness.  You may use one of the sample forms or create your own.  This sends a powerful message to your congregation that these markers matter to you personally.

Model the way.  Set the pace for life giving evaluation.  Grow in self-awareness.  Be a non-anxious presence.

Embed these markers throughout the entire church.  For example, the youth ministry may also use this set of markers to measure their own vitality.  Make the markers normative.

In addition, would you consider preaching a sermon series on the ten healthy missional markers?   Use these resources to contextualize the sermons for your own setting.  There is also a children’s curriculum, young adult and small group curriculum that other Covenant churches have written to accompany the sermon series.  There is even a thirty day devotional.   Consider integrating the sermon series into every small group and age group for this season in the life of the church.

It’s been said that if you can change the conversation, you can change the culture.  This approach creates a common language and gets everyone moving in the same direction.  Order brochures or bookmarks for free.  Create a bulletin board to highlight all the markers.  Capture the stories.  Be creative and send us your ideas!

When you see people living out each marker, take time to affirm them.  When you hear someone sharing about a mission’s trip, respond by saying, “Now that’s global perspective and engagement!  I’m so proud of you.”  When you are explaining the offering, tell a brief story about sacrificial and generous living and giving.  Let the markers flow naturally out of your own walk with God.  Embody the markers.  Teach others to do the same.

By the way, the markers are different from vision, mission and core values.  Those are unique to each church.  These markers are cross cultural and can be used by each church regardless of size, location, ethnicity, worship style or age.

What other ideas do you have about integrating the ten healthy missional markers into the DNA of your church?

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