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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

Leading Healthy Missional Change (MNST 6165) was one of the most engaging, formative and hope-instilling courses I have taken at North Park Theological Seminary. Living in an era when people are more eager to write off the Church for its shortcomings rather than to hope in its mission, I have often struggled with both disillusionment and skepticism towards ecclesial ministry. However, after having taken this course, I have discovered a newfound hope and excitement for pastoral ministry. Moreover, for the first time in years, I have learned to believe again in the Church. Dr. John Wenrich, along with his Congregational Vitality team, have truly put together a tremendous framework for leading healthy missional change in churches today. Rather than branding struggling churches as merely being “hopeless” or “not worth your time,” they offer the prophetic challenge for all Christ followers to view every church as an opportunity for the Spirit of God to move. This course will not only offer you the practical tools to pursue a pathway of vitality in your congregations. It will force you to hold a mirror up to yourself to examine the very heart with which you minister before empowering you to do the work of the Kingdom.”
–Timothy Rhee, Masters Certificate in Congregational Vitality Student

“In my thirty-five plus years of ministry, Veritas is the single most important strategy to come down the road. Churches are spending time ‘goal setting, dreaming, and scheming’ without taking a hard look at themselves, i.e. discovering what kind of church they are and what that means about their decision-making process and what needs to take place. I’ve participated in a number of these (Covenant) programs and while seeing value in them, for the most part, have always been left with a church unable to get off the mark because it hasn’t understood who it is.”
– Covenant pastor
“I recommend EPIC for any church member who is interested in the revitalization of the local church. The seminar gives practical help in how to make needed changes in a ‘civil, compassionate, and Christ-honoring manner.’ People should know that EPIC is not just for church leaders, these seminars are so good the whole congregation should attend!”
– Covenant lay person

“We have nearly completed the strategic ministry planning process and are about to launch our plan to become a more healthy missional church. The ONE workbook has been our indispensible guide through this critical and exciting process. It provides both the visionary perspective and the necessary nuts and bolts to emerge with a detailed, attainable strategy to reach toward or full kingdom potential in Christ. We are determined to bring everything into alignment with the vision, mission and core values that God has revealed to us.”
-Testimony from a Covenant pastor

“Thank you for all your hard work. I know you were backed up with other inventories to be read. Thank you for your gracious accommodation to our time line. Our conversation this morning was extremely helpful and this process was worth so much more than any of us expected. We will continue to pray for our congregation to embrace reality and move toward even greater vitality. Thank you again to all who played a part in making this evaluative tool available to us.”
– Joy Champion, Modesto Covenant Church

“The coaching experience has provided me with a wealth of tools that I can draw from in fulfilling my call as pastor. The weekly calls with my coach were very practical and could address very “real” and very “now” issues in my day to day work. There were a couple of key themes that kept surfacing: design more do less, systems approach to everything, guidance in the hiring process, absolute need for Strategic Planning, working on my ministry not just in my ministry. Coaching provided a language to discuss things and the courage to fully embody your call.”
 – Covenant pastor

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