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Group Grants

Group Grants

Sustaining Pastoral Excellence (SPE) encourages pastors, missionaries, and chaplains to interact together in self-designed experiences of renewal, spiritual direction, and learning. Group grants are available for groups of four or more SPE-eligible ministers in amounts up to $3000.

It is important that these group interactions be determined by mutual desire and need for growth in ministry. SPE grants are targeted for groups of ministers that would not normally be able to interact together in these desired ways because of distances in geography and ministry settings.

Group grants are not available for church staff retreats or continuing education experiences. Groups of pastors who all desire to attend a conference, seminar, or event put on by a third-party ministry or organization may be referred to the application process for individual grants.

Applications for group grants must include
  1. Individual SPE applications for the correct grant stream (character, competence, or constancy) from each member of the group. Each individual must meet grant eligibility requirements.
  2. A cover letter and supporting materials detailing the desired group experience, including a plan for implementation (schedule, budget, logistical details).
  3. The identification of a group point person who will be responsible for communicating with the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence office for matters of application, evaluation, and reimbursement (if the application is approved).