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Reimbursement Process

Reimbursement Process

1. All grants are funded on a reimbursement basis. Grant recipients will be reimbursed up to the specified grant amount when the receipts and response/evaluation sheets are turned in. Only receipts that accompany the evaluation sheets will be reimbursed, and only one check will be sent for reimbursement. NOTE: If the reimbursement process creates a hardship for you please contact Christine Olfelt with Sustaining Pastoral Excellence, or your conference superintendent.

2. If you receive a grant for personal spiritual direction over the course of a year, you may submit receipts quarterly for reimbursement. Contact the SPE coordinator (see sidebar) if you need additional reimbursement request forms.

3. Qualifying expenses for travel grants (for Covenant-created events or the Center for Spiritual Direction) include airfare, gas (with receipts), tolls, and meals while traveling. Limits may be set for specific expenses, including lodging and meals, within a grant award. Please contact the department with questions about other expenses.

4. SPE will only reimburse up to $45 per day for rental cars, for any self-selected or Covenant-created grant experience.

5. Grant funds may not be used to cover expenses for spouses/other non-grantees. The initiative is designed to enhance the growth and work of Covenant ministers. It does not include resources for spouses or lay leaders.