Project 2016

Project 2016

The mission of Women Ministries of the Covenant is to advance God’s kingdom through women. The good work carries on, right into 2016 as we continue to advance God’s work through Missional Moms, Lycée Vanette, Embrace the Change, and AVA (Advocacy for Victims of Abuse).

In 2016, you can partner with Women Ministries in a powerful way – because you have the power! You have the power to impact women — at home or around the world; in areas of advocacy or leadership training; with hands-on and fundraising efforts. You are empowered to choose the initiative that means most to you in your unique setting. We encourage you to support the effort of your choice, prayerfully, financially, and by raising awareness and taking action. Below are the ways we invite you to create your own project in 2016. Choose one or more that work best for you! Click on the toggles below to learn more about the available projects.

Missional Moms

While the title is “Missional Moms,” this brand new initiative encourages all women to live missionally. All women need regular opportunities to step outside of their everyday lives to see what God is doing in the world around them – to open their eyes to new ways He might be calling them to advance His mission. Missional Moms provides opportunities through five key areas: gathering, community, catalyzing, vision and mini-vision trips, and mentoring. Check the Missional Moms area of for more info.

Lycée Vanette School for Girls in Congo

The Educate the Girls Project (2006-2007) raised funds to create a school for the education and empowerment of girls in collaboration with the Covenant Church in Congo (CEUM). A building was erected in Karawa, Congo but was left unfinished. It was named Lycée Vanette for Vanette Thorsell, a beloved teacher who served there for many years. The first class of seventeen girls started in the fall of 2012, ages ranging from 12-25. With limited school supplies and much of the building still unfinished, God has called us to finish what we started. Women Ministries and other generous Covenanters are raising funds for supplies, school fees and more so that Congolese women and girls can be educated and empowered to make meaningful contributions to their communities, families, and churches.

Embrace the Change

Yes, we’ve stopped rolling bandages and making baby goods. But as women who care deeply about people in Congo, we can’t stop helping! We can continue in ways that might be even better! Since it is no longer practical to roll bandages and send them, we can instead provide the funds to pay Congolese women—our sisters in Christ in the CEUM—to make these things on our behalf.

So we invite you to continue to gather, enjoy conversation and productive work for God’s kingdom, and to generate funds to pay women Congo. This will give them the means by which to improve their own lives.

Check out our for more info and for inspiration!Write to wmc(at) to order Embrace the Change brochures.

AVA / Advocacy for Victims of Abuse

AVA is a ministry providing education, awareness, healing and support for persons dealing with domestic violence and childhood sexual assault. You can find out more about AVA here. We have a brand new AVA video that was debuted at Triennial last August that you may want to consider sharing with your church. AVA brochures are also available for promotion. We encourage you to consider hosting an AVA awareness event, inviting an AVA Regional Coordinator to speak, or to host an AVA training in your church or in partnership with others.