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Central Conference Unveils New Hispanic Training Project

Have you considered taking time to discover who you are as a disciple of Christ?

In our culture, rites of passage vary and everyone experiences transition to adulthood in their own way, at their own pace. The Evangelical Covenant Church provides discipleship opportunities designed for anyone navigating those early years of adulthood—a season of choice and change that is often characterized by pressure, expectation, and uncertainty.

The newly formed Covenant Schools of Discipleship (CSD) are a collection of educational programs and experiences ultimately aimed at nurturing the faith and character of Christian disciples. These learning communities take various forms: a traditional academic classroom setting, an experiential immersion, or a service-based learning model.

Students may choose to attend CSD programs that are as short as one month or as long as one year (or somewhere in between). These intentional learning communities bring teachers, mentors, and students together to share experiences and studies built on a Covenant identity to prepare young adults for the journey that lasts a lifetime.

Come join us in the journey.

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