The Annual Meeting elects representative leadership to several oversight boards dealing with particular areas of ministry focus.

To learn more about nominations, click here. Please prayerfully consider the following list when referring potential names, or when filling out your own resume. For more information, email Jacqueline Sugihara at governance(at) or call (773) 596-5429


Executive Board

The Executive Board acts on behalf of the Annual Meeting between Annual Meetings. It is elected by delegates and provides oversight on a number of matters related to direction, policy, and financial responsibility. There are seven committees of the Executive Board: Make and Deepen Disciples; Start and Strengthen Churches; Communications; Love Mercy Do Justice; Serve Globally; Finance; and Personnel.

You can contact the executive board at

voting members:

Albert Armstead (2025) Sacramento, California
Byron Kaopuiki (2025) Vancouver, Washington
Valeria, Wayand (2025) Littleton, Colorado
Scott Dennis (2024), Grandville, Michigan
Diane Trujillo Leavitt (2024), Sammamish, Washington
Julie A. Persson (2024), Carrolton, Texas
Victoria Reier (2024), Arvada, Colorado
Carl Helfrich (2023), Creve Coeur, Missouri
Philip Print (2023), Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Merideth Randles (2023), Seattle, Washington
Roberto Ghione (2022), Simi Valley, California
Doris Granberry (2022), Miami, Florida
Erick Marquez (2022), Montebello, California
Dwain Tissell (2022), Happy Valley, Oregon
Cindy Wu (2022), Sugar Land, Texas
David R. Holder (2021), New Rochelle, New York
John Stewart (2021), Worthington, Minnesota
Valerie Thomas (2021), Bethel, Alaska
Jon Bonkoski (2020), Arden Hills, Minnesota
Donna Erickson (2020), Minneapolis, Minnesota
Michael L. Jordan (2020), Kerman, California
Jenell Pluim (2020), Wetaskiwin, Alberta
chair: Jenell Pluim
vice-chair: David Holder
secretary: Julie Persson
ex-officio members: John Wenrich, president
Tammy Swanson-Draheim, liaison from Council of Superintendents
Arthur B. DeRooy, liaison from Board of Directors of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence
Christine Rosell, liaison from Board of Trustees of North Park University
advisers: Lance Davis, executive minister of the ordered ministry
Ed Delgado, president of CHET
Rebecca Gonzalez, executive director of operations
Gayle Gilreath, executive director of mission advancement
Peter Hedstrom, president of National Covenant Properties
David Kersten, dean of North Park Theological Seminary
Steve Klimkowski, executive director of finance
Roger Oxendale, president of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence
Paul Lessard, executive minister of start and strengthen churches
Michelle Sanchez, executive minister of make and deepen disciples
Mary Surridge, president of North Park University
Al Tizon, executive minister of serve globally
Ann Wiesbrock, president of Covenant Trust Company
Paul Robinson, executive minister of love mercy do justice
Angela Yee, executive director of ministry development




Board of Nominations

The Board of Nominations meets in October, with an annual conference call prior to Midwinter Conference in January, and develops the ballot voted on at the Annual Meeting of candidates for all denominational administrative boards. The board is responsible for securing qualified and dedicated people to influence the boards with their gifts, ethnic background, skills, gender, and ministry experience. The board is administered by the president of the Covenant and the executive vice president of the Covenant serves as advisor. Board members are nominated by regional conferences and/or ethnic representation. If interested in serving on this board, please contact your local conference office or ethnic organization. Read more...

Beverly Johnson (2024), Mound Bayou, Mississippi
June Kenny (2024), Livonia, Michigan
James A. Fretheim (2023), Bemidji, Minnesota
Meghan A. K. Johnson (2023), Soldotna, Alaska
Theodore B. Law (2023) Houston, Texas
Juana I. Nesta (2023), Oakley, California
Julia D. S. Sandstrom (2023), Winnipeg, Manitoba
Paul A. Peterson (2022), Bellingham, Washington
Carolyn Larson (2021), Stratham, New Hampshire
Cheryl Borgeson (2020), Chicago, Illinois
A. Evan Westburg (2020), Lincoln, Nebraska
chair: Evan Westburg, Lincoln, Nebraska
ex-officio member: John Wenrich, president of the Covenant
adviser: Rebecca Gonzalez, executive director of operations

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Board of the Ordered Ministry

The Board of the Ordered Ministry consists of fourteen elected members, ranging in credentialed status, who meet prior to and during the Midwinter Conference and prior to the Annual Meeting. It is responsible for the supervision of ordination, licensure, care/discipline, and guidance of the ministry. The board works closely with North Park Theological Seminary in training ministerial candidates and is administered by the executive minister of the ordered ministry. This board seeks ministers and lay people who can devote themselves to a high time and energy commitment. Read more...
Stephen R. Dawson (2024), Skokie, Illinois
Samuel Williams (2024), Markham, Ontario
Sharon R. Anderson (2023), Sammamish, Washington
Randall E. Friesen (2023), Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Terrance S. Woodson (2023), Duncanville, Texas
Guadalupe Dany Flores (2022), Chicago, Illinois
Debbie Hamilton (2022), Soldotna, Alaska
Karen H. Ingebretson (2022), Grand Rapids, Michigan
Darrell L. Nelson (2022), Poplar, Wisconsin
Greg N. Applequist (2021), Omaha, Nebraska
Barbara J. Swanson (2021), Malmo, Sweden
Nancy L. Ebner (2020) Indian Orchard, Massachusetts
Henry G. Greenidge (2020), Clearwater, Florida
James N. Holst (2020), Roseville, California
chair: Greg N. Applequist, Omaha, Nebraska
Vice Chair: Sharon R. Anderson, Sammamish, Washington
secretary: Greg N. Applequist, Omaha, Nebraska
ex-officio members: John S. Wenrich, president of the Covenant
Liz Mosbo VerHage, president of the Covenant Ministerium
Lance L. Davis, executive minister of the ordered ministry
David W. Kersten, dean of North Park Theological Seminary
John C. Stewart, liaison from the Executive Board
Edward F. Delgado, president of Centro Hispano de Estudios Teologicos
Catherine Gilliard, liaison from the Council of Superintendents
advisers: Theresa D. Marks, director of pastoral care services, ordered ministry
Danielle B. Ng, manager of credentialing services



Board of Pensions and Benefits

The Board of Pensions and Benefits consists of twelve-members that meets three times a year in October, February, and May to conduct the pension program of the ministers and manage the group insurance plan for church workers through Bethany Benefit Service. Members may be asked to be on a committee relating to insurance, investment, rules, or audit matters. The board is administered by the vice president for finance of the Covenant, who also serves as the director of pensions. This board seeks persons with experience or background in investments, law, or health insurance. To learn more, read Section 10.4 of the Constitution and Bylaws.
Richard Moore (2024), Sloan, Iowa
Dorean Reed (2024), Calumet City, Illinois
Rachel Burke (2023), Decatur, Georgia
James Stanley-Erickson (2023), Harleysville, Pennsylvania
Valton Barrett (2022), Stone Mountain, Georgia
John Douglass (2022), North Oaks, Minnesota
Bruce Peterson (2022), Eagan, Minnesota
Monty Harmon (2021), Olympia, Washington
Lowell Peterson (2021), Bay City, Wisconsin
Scott Applequist (2020), Morton Grove, Illinois
Andrea Johnson (2020), Wilmette, Illinois
Anthony Wyatt (2020), The Villages, Florida
chair (adviser): R. Hugh Magill, Winnetka, Illinois
Vice Chair: Rachel Burke
secretary: Andrea Johnson
Treasurer: Scott Applequist
ex-officio members: John Wenrich, president of the Covenant
Paul Hawkinson, director of pensions
Steve Klimkowski, treasurer and executive director of finance
Lance Davis, executive minister of the ordered ministry
Merideth Randles, liaison from the Executive Board
Tammy Swanson-Draheim, liaison from the Council of Superintendents
advisers: Charles Beckstrom, legal adviser
Fredrik Wall, director of finance



Board of Benevolence

The Board of Benevolence consists of twenty-one to twenty-six members and meets four times per year, typically beginning on a Friday afternoon and ending the following day by mid-afternoon. Occasionally committee conference calls are scheduled between board meetings. This board is responsible for fourteen retirement campuses, two hospitals, one health and fitness center, four homes for adults with developmental disabilities, a children's home, a ministry for victims of domestic violence, and an affordable assisted living facility. There are four committees which fall under the board: finance, compassion, audit, and executive. Board members will be assigned to either the finance or compassion committee and may be asked to serve on additional committees as appropriate. The board is administered by the president of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence and seeks persons with varied professional backgrounds; including health care, law, administration, business or investment backgrounds.

Tracy Hilts (2025), Colorado Springs, CO
Linda Schoonover (2024), Hampden, MA
Hilary Applequist (2024), Omaha, Nebraska
Kristen Brown (2024), Rochester, New York
Michael S. Carrion (2024), Englewood, New Jersey
Karen Rydell (2024), Portland, Oregon
David Y. Kim (2023), Fort Lee, New Jersey
Karen Manlove (2023), Swanzey, New Hampshire
Susan Poston (2023), New Brighton, Minnesota
James Rose (2023), Anchorage, Alaska
Kathy Buettner (2022), Wheaton, Illinois
Robert H. Anderson (2020), Roseville, California
Arthur DeRooy (2020), Hilmar, California
Richard Nelson (2020), Lincoln, Nebraska
Mary Palmer (2020), Concord, California
chair: Richard Nelson
vice-chair: Arthur DeRooy
secretary: Kathy Buettner
treasurer: Mary Palmer
ex-officio members: John Wenrich, president of the Covenant
Roger A. Oxendale, president of Covenant Ministries of Benevolence
Donna Erickson, liaison from Executive Board
Paul Wilson, liaison from Council of Superintendents
advisers: Terri Cunliffe, president, Covenant Retirement Communities, Inc.
Linda H. Stuhmer, president, EMC Health, Inc.
Scott T. Hanson, vice-president; assistant treasurer

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Board of Trustees of North Park University

(Includes undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs). This board of trustees consists of up to thirty-six members, including twenty to twenty-four elected and up to nine appointed, and meets in October, February, and April. It is responsible for general supervision of the University; adopts policy and strategic plans and evaluates administration, and works on behalf of the institution in public relations and fundraising. Members are assigned to three of nine standing committees: finance, admissions and financial aid, seminary, academic, multicultural, campus development, student development, board process, and the executive board. This board is administered by the president of the University. It seeks members who uphold the mission of various programs at NPU, and can be generous in their personal financial support of North Park and in their encouragement of others to similar support.
Andrea Dennis (2024), Grand Rapids, Michigan
Dawn Helwig (2024), Chicago, Illinois
Marcia Jimenez (2024), Chicago, Illinois
Jodi DeYoung Moore (2024), Lincoln, Nebraska
Kristian Werling (2024), Wilmette, Illinois
Greg Crawford (2023), Lisle, Illinois
Gail Dahlstrom (2023), Chicago, Illinois
Peter Nelson (2023), Wilmette, Illinois
Virgil Applequist (2022), Palatine, Illinois
Jay Carstenbrock (2022), Wheaton, Illinois
Mary Miller (2022), Middletown, Connecticut
Erin Oleniczak (2022), Lincolnwood, Illinois
David Youngberg (2021), Chicago, Illinois
David Otfinoski, (2021), Chester, Connecticut
Thomas Trautman (2021), Plymouth, Minnesota
Peggy Bley (2020), San Francisco, California
Rebekah Eklund (2020), Baltimore, Maryland
David Dwight (2020), Northbrook, Illinois
Keith Hamilton (2020), Soldotna, Alaska
Efrem Smith (2020), Brentwood, California
appointed members:

Arriel Gray Jr. (2024), Chicago, Illinois
Dennis Wolff (2024), Bellevue, Washington
Marvin Curtis (2022), Granger, Indiana
Kathryn Edin (2022), Baltimore, Maryland
Aaron Olson (2022), Chicago, Illinois
Gregory Wittrock (2021), Plymouth, Michigan
Gregory Dolezal (2020), Cumming, Georgia
Dave Helwig (2020), Plymouth, California
Megan Tamte (2020), Edina, Minnesota
chair: Owen Youngman, Deerfield, Illinois
vice-chair: Jay Carstenbrock, Wheaton, Illinois
secretary: Beth Frederickson, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
treasurer: David Youngberg
ex-officio members: John Wenrich, president of the Covenant
Mary K. Surridge, president of North Park University
Jon Bonkoski, liaison from the Executive Board
Howard Burgoyne, liaison from Council of Superintendents