Do you need to be restored personally and professionally?

At Midwinter 2023, our theme of “draw near” invites each of us to draw near to God—even as God draws near to us.

As we gather together in January, we invite you to experience a new sense of call, purpose, and joy as you serve in ministry. Our worship services, workshops, and speaker lineup are all designed with you in mind.

Trust us, this will be a Midwinter you won’t want to miss.  


The Midwinter conference is an incredible opportunity to connect with colleagues in Covenant ministry, discover new ideas, experience restoration, and get re-energized. Come to share interests, encourage and be encouraged, reflect and be inspired, laugh and have fun! Together with your colleagues in ministry, join us to reaffirm God’s call on your life.  

Main Worship Sessions

In our plenary sessions, you’ll worship, learn from and be inspired by thought leaders, and be renewed in your passion for continuing the mission God has placed before you.


Breakouts are midsized sessions that offer in-depth dialogue and content from pace-setting leaders across various fields. These spaces are designed to give attendees personal access to these leaders and prepare you to return to your ministry context equipped and restored.

Relational Connection

If you have never been to a Midwinter, this will be a time to meet colleagues and develop vital relationships. We know we need one another because we are better together. We look to build connections and faith in each other as we work side by side in ministry together.

Local Experiences

In addition to the Midwinter conference programming, explore our host city and all that it has to offer. We will send recommendations for local experiences, dining, and attractions at your fingertips.


Please reach out to events@covchurch.org or (800) 910-2442 for assistance.