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Top Honors for Companion

The Covenant Companion was recognized as the best denominational magazine for content published in 2021 by the Evangelical Press Association (EPA)

Getting to Know the Nominees: Q&A with Herb Frost

Recently the Companion asked Herb Frost about his call to ministry and what he has learned serving the church. Frost is the nominee to be the next executive minister of Ordered Ministry and Develop Leaders. He will stand for election at Gather in June.

Getting to Know the Nominees: Q&A with Grace Shim

Grace Shim has been nominated to become the next executive minister of Serve Globally. She will stand for election at the Annual Meeting in June. A therapist, she began serving as global personnel with the Covenant in 2003 and now serves as regional coordinator of Asia for Serve Globally.

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Hibernating with Shakespeare

My Fragile Resilience Meets a Fourth Grader


Identity Development

Pastor Steve Wong, the first Asian American church planter in the Covenant, reflects on how we tell our stories as a multicultural mosaic.

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Featured story

From CHIC to Unite and Beyond

The Companion sat down with Tim Ciccone to talk about the history and future of this long-running youth event.


In Some Incremental Way

The mere act of telling and hearing our stories is as important as their content. It opens us to our oneness in Christ.

Weekly updates from the Evangelical Covenant Church

Arts & Culture

The Therapist Is In

Lori Gottlieb’s Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed chronicles the mysteries of being human, personal growth, and talk therapy from both sides of the chair (patient and therapist).

The “Like” Gateway

The Xbox video game Yakuza: Like a Dragon opens possibilities for variety in pastoral gifts.

Why Worry?

An interview with Mark Knight, pastor of Praise Covenant Church in Tacoma, Washington, on his new book, The Non-Anxious Church

Lesson Unlearned

Rachel Joy Welcher’s new book reviews purity culture through the lens of Scripture to gain a better understanding of the purity movement and help frame healthier conversations.

Home Altar

A devotional guide written by Covenanters, the Covenant Home Altar invites us to take time in our day for God’s word, quiet meditation, and prayer. To receive printed copies of the Covenant Home Altar you may subscribe below. One subscription is for one year, which includes four quarterly issues.



We Make Affirmations

In the Covenant we identify as non-creedal, meaning we do not adhere to a specific creed. But non-creedal does not mean we are without theology. The six Covenant affirmations address the question, “What does the Covenant believe?” Retired North Park Theological Seminary professor Klyne Snodgrass joins us.

Women Are Called and Gifted

As a denomination, we voted to ordain women in ministry in 1976. In this episode, we talk with Evelyn Johnson, a woman of many firsts, including the first woman elected to lead a department at Covenant Offices within the budget and the first female superintendent. She shares her memories of those early years and her experiences serving in more than 40 years of ministry in the Covenant.

We Are Indigenous Mission Friends

Curtis Ivanoff talks about our long history in Alaska, where the Covenant has been engaged since our very earliest days when the church in Sweden sent people to share the gospel of Jesus. It’s a complicated story that Curtis engages with compassion and generosity as he unpacks our identity as Indigenous Mission Friends.

Home Altar

In Memoriam

Arthur Stejskal

Retired Covenant minister Arthur Stejskal died April 7th in Plantation, Florida. He was 94.

Robert “Bob” Anderson

Retired Covenant pastor Robert “Bob” Anderson of Boulder Junction, Wisconsin, died April 23, 2022. He was 90.

Reuben Rosnau

Retired Covenant pastor Reuben Clifford Rosnau died March 30. He was 77.