Teach biblical perspectives on giving and inspire your congregants to be generous, sacrificial givers to support the work of God’s kingdom.

Over the years, the Covenant church has provided stewardship brochures, materials, and curriculum aimed at better equipping congregants to understand Scripture’s teaching about generous and sacrificial giving as discipleship in following Christ. We invite pastors and church leaders to examine the materials found here and plan ways to utilize them as part of a comprehensive plan for preaching and teaching about the responsibility of being good stewards and the joy of giving to support the work of God’s kingdom. They are all downloadable and available for churches to use as they see fit.

We also encourage you to navigate to the 3StrandStrong webpage to find additional downloadable resources about the many ways congregational giving supports mission and ministry throughout the Covenant.

Stewardship Resources

Culture of generosity brochure

Loving and Giving Brochure

Financial LEadership Resources

Narrative Budget Initiative

Every congregation has its own compelling story of faith and impact. A narrative budget helps you clearly communicate that story and provides opportunities to see and celebrate how God is at work. Tell the story that your church is on mission—not just an institution to be maintained through staff, buildings, rent/mortgage, administration, etc. And celebrate!

Narrative Budget Webpage >>

Narrative Budget Brochure >>

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The Office of Advancement is committed to the long-term vision and mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church. We work every day to ensure God’s call for our church is continued in perpetuity by serving to bountifully resource this expansive mission and ministry. | (773) 784-3000

Lina Sánchez-Herrera

Chicago West Suburbs, Illinois

ECC Conference: Central
Gender: Female


Receiving New Directees: Yes
Directing Clergy: Yes
Client Genders: Both men and women
Skype or Facetime: Yes
Languages: English, Spanish
Retreat/Workshop Leader: Yes


C. John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction, North Park Theological Seminary


Pastors/Church Leadership, Missionaries, University Students, Discernment Process, Transitions, Multi-Ethnic Issues, Second Half of Life, Prayer, Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Prior to moving to the USA, I was a professor at the National University of Colombia and served with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Colombia for 16 years. Starting in 2001, I served as InterVarsity National Staff in the USA. I have a master’s degree in Christian Ministries, and I serve in Spiritual Direction to those who want to be fully present and available to God and receive His grace over them. My joy is to see professors and college students coming to know Jesus and being transformed into people that bring the good news of righteousness and justice to others.

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