You’re invited to our growing mosaic of churches.


You’re invited to our growing mosaic of churches.


We join God in God’s mission to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world.

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Inspiration, connection, and updates from the Evangelical Covenant Church and from our affiliates and partners around the world. 

Seeking TW Anderson Award Nominees

The award is named in honor of the only lay president to serve the Evangelical Covenant Church. It is presented during each year’s Annual Meeting and honors a layperson who has demonstrated a life of commitment and dedication to Christ and the church.

A Full Cup

Embrace Church in Kirkwood, Missouri, partners with a local coffee shop and the special needs program at their local high school to move ministry outside their own walls.

Preparing to Draw Near

In anticipation of the annual Midwinter Conference for all Covenant ministers less than two weeks away, the Companion caught up with a few speakers to help us prepare.

Covenanters Working to Combat Hunger

For most people living a middle-class existence, hunger is a temporary condition—easily dispatched by a quick trip to the fridge, or if necessary, the grocery store. But for people in under-resourced communities, hunger is a burden that overshadows their everyday existence.


A variety of resources for ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church have been created and curated by and for local churches and ministry leaders.


Across the Evangelical Covenant Church, events join us together in corporate worship, challenge us through active learning experiences, equip us to grow, and build and strengthen relationships.


Your gift will support our five mission priorities where needed most as we join God in making more disciples in a more caring and just world.

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