2016 Concern for People with Disabilities

It is good and pleasing to our Lord when we are a people who heed the call of mercy and justice (Micah 6:8). A crucial way we do so is by seeking to transform our community into one which can be welcoming to all without barriers. God has created all human beings as image bearers of Himself (Genesis 1:27); disability does not diminish this image.

2015 Clean Water


Today we are experiencing a water crisis that is causing a “silent tsunami” of human suffering and ecological damage in every nation. Despite significant progress in the past twenty years, approximately 750 million people—one out of ten people in the world— do not have access to clean water.

2014 Immigration

This resolution is being presented to the church with the intent of fostering dialogue, awareness, and feedback around a complex and often politicized issue. It invites the ECC, a historically immigrant church, to learn about and respond to current immigration issues with compassion and justice so that we may potentially shape the current conversation on immigration for the good of all. We’d like your feedback on and participation in discussing this resolution.

2013 Stewardship and Generosity in the Church

This resolution invites us as followers of Christ to live out our identity as generous stewards of God’s material and spiritual gifts. It seeks to remind us that the good (and sometimes hard) news of Scripture is that we are dependent on God to sustain us and shape our understanding of wealth and possessions. It calls the church to be a formational community that counter-culturally embraces biblical stewardship and generosity as foundational to our life, faith, and witness.

About Covenant Resolutions

For our Christian faith to be vibrant, it has to speak to our culture. That’s true even – or especially – on complex and difficult issues of contemporary life: abortion, war, assisted suicide, sexuality, poverty, and religious persecution, to name a few…