A commission is established by either the Annual Meeting or the Executive Board to work, study, and make recommendations on specified matters. Members are appointed by the Executive Board.

Christian Action Commission

The Christian Action Commission is an appointed standing commission of the Evangelical Covenant Church, whose purpose is to contemplate pertinent social issues and then encourage corporate and individual involvement throughout the denomination. Commission members help educate, develop awareness, and prompt action regarding certain ethical, political, and social issues primarily through preparing statements. Read more…

Contact the Christian Action Commission: CAC(at)


Commission on Biblical Gender Equality

The Commission on Biblical Gender Equality exists within the church as a voice and advocate for continued progress in this story. The commission exists to educate people in biblical equality regarding gender; to advocate for justice in the structure of the church regarding gender; to equip the church to articulate the truth about Biblical equality regarding gender; and to advocate for the modeling of women in ministry and leadership in all possible venues within the church. Read more…

Contact the Commission on Biblical Gender Equality: ministry(at)

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Commission on Covenant History

The Commission on Covenant History is a standing commission established by the Annual Meeting in 1935 for the purpose of providing guidance and assistance to programs and policies related to the collection, preservation, maintenance, and interpretation of historical records of the Evangelical Covenant Church. Read more…

Contact the Commission on Covenant History: communication(at)


Commission on Ethnic Ministries

The Commission on Ethnic Ministries exists to serve as a point of discussion, reflection, and recommendation on the multicultural directions and strategies of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The commission is chaired by the president of the Covenant. Additional members include the chairs of each ethnic association, the executive minister of church growth and evangelism, and the director of compassion, mercy and justice.

Contact the Commission on Ethnic Ministries: chris.hagberg(at)

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Commission on Stewardship

The Stewardship Commission is formed out of the Executive Vice President’s Office. It consists of six members and eight advisors who meet biannually to strategize, develop, and promote stewardship resources that help local Covenant churches and their leaders equip disciples who practice Biblical, whole-life stewardship.

Contact the Stewardship Commission: stewardship(at)


Commission on Town and Country Ministries

The mission of the Commission on Town and Country Ministries is to assist town and country churches and clergy as they strive to be healthy missional congregations and leaders. The commission serves as liaison between rural churches, conference superintendents, and the Evangelical Covenant Church and encourages continuing education regarding rural ministry concerns. Read more…

Contact the Commission on Town and Country Ministries: daniel.booker(at)

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Commission on Urban Ministries

The Commission on Urban Ministries reflects on and recommends strategic approaches to advance urban ministry in the Covenant, promotes fellowship for urban pastors, makes known resources available for urban ministry, and keeps urban ministries on the Covenant’s radar through various communication pieces. The commission sponsors the Irving Lambert Award, given for exemplary service in the urban community; sponsors the Urban Loan Initiative through National Covenant Properties to make loan money available for qualifying urban initiatives; and sponsors gatherings at Covenant Midwinter and Annual Meeting.

Contact the Commission on Urban Ministries: chris.hagberg(at)

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Commission on Worship

The Commission on Worship advocates for local and denominational ministries of worship in the Evangelical Covenant Church. Commission members serve on active teams organized around the four focus areas of connecting worship leaders, developing and distributing resource, supporting those who plan and lead ECC events, and training/educating emerging and existing leaders. Read more…

Contact the Commission on Worship: Dane Anderson at