Love Mercy
Do Justice

We equip the local church to serve in the areas of criminal justice, domestic disaster response, immigration, intercultural development, community development ministry, economic justice, abuse advocacy, and racial righteousness.

How We Help Fix a Broken World

Love Mercy Do Justice, a mission priority of the Evangelical Covenant Church, leads the church’s work to “join God in making things right in our broken world.” Love Mercy Do Justice supports the local church in its call to love, serve, and work together with people at the margins toward holistic individual, family, and community transformation.

Criminal Justice

Alongside partners throughout the denomination, we work together to educate, equip, connect, and empower congregations to be the hands and feet of Christ in the midst of the complexities of the criminal justice system.

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Ministry Development

We help your congregation or organization imagine creative approaches to transformational community development work in such areas as youth empowerment, financial literacy, returning citizen re-entry,  living wage employment, and a wide array of other targeted and impactful initiatives. We offer support in the process of discerning vision, strategic planning, and best practice development. Ministry development grants are also available for Covenant churches that are responding to the needs of their community. 

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Racial Righteousness

Love Mercy Do Justice equips local congratulations to love their neighbors and be the light of Christ in their communities. We are commissioned to make God’s name known and love shown throughout the world. Our racial righteousness and reconciliation ministries unpack what this looks like within a divided world that has other principals and priorities. We offer Bible studies, immersive discipleship experiences, and congregational learning opportunities to help churches understand the biblical and theological basis for racial righteousness and reconciliation. These resources also explain how our pursuit of these Kingdom values allow us to join God in the mission of making more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world.

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Advocacy for Victims of Abuse

There is an epidemic affecting one out of every four women. They suffer behind closed doors, most often concealing their pain, fearful of those on both sides of the door. These are the victims of abuse. They are neighbors, co-workers, friends, and loved ones. Victims and survivors of abuse come from all walks of life, and this epidemic knows no boundaries.

Intercultural Development

We provide training, coaching, leadership development, assessments, curriculum, and practical tools to move churches along in their intercultural competency and development.

Domestic Disaster Response

We partner to provide a loving, effective response to those in need in times of disaster.


We empower the church and social entrepreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to pursue transformation in under-resourced communities through social enterprise initiatives.

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FREE Initiative

The FREE initiative, in partnership with Serve Globally, is an anti-sex trafficking initiative of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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The first iteration of what will become a series of Bible studies focused on justice, racial righteousness, and the mosaic nature of the kingdom of God.

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This course provides opportunities to hear from people directly impacted by the criminal justice system and resources for community engagement.

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This new 4-session Bible study will help your small group or church community start or continue conversations about sexual abuse and its prevalence and reverberating effects in our society and churches.

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A printable and video curriculum for kids that explores the theology and practical application of the justice journey for both the church and home, available in English and Spanish.

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Assessments and practical tools to move churches along in their intercultural comprehension and development.

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Click below for resources on immigration and the Church.

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An immersive discipleship experience that equips believers to seek the coming Kingdom, participate in the multiethnic mosaic, and pursue biblical justice.

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Listening to Eloheh

Love Mercy Do Justice is partnering with Indigenous leaders to create an immersive learning experience that explores our relationship to harmony, wholeness, and abundance.

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Room at the Inn

The Covenant church in Joliet, Illinois, is learning to do the right thing—even when it feels like the wrong time.

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