Human Sexuality Discipleship

Embrace is a suite of human sexuality discipleship resources and learning experiences which are in harmony with the adopted position of the Evangelical Covenant Church, the center of which is “Faithfulness in heterosexual marriage, celibacy in singleness-these constitute the Christian standard.”

A special emphasis of Embrace is equipping our church to flourish in love for LGBTQ+/SSA/sexual minority* individuals and communities. Embrace resources will be progressively curated and created by Make and Deepen Disciples.

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*A note on language: We recognize that in conversations about human sexuality, various constituencies use words and definitions in different ways. Meaning matters, and the careless use of language can hinder true communication. With Embrace, we make an effort to curate and create resources that utilize a full range of human sexuality vocabulary interchangeably in order to make space for everyone.


This section promotes healthy dialogue and continued learning around a variety of topics related to our faith, gender, and sexuality. Each webinar is hosted by a member of the Make and Deepen Disciples team, and each guest is in harmony with the adopted position of the ECC. Upcoming webinars are announced first to the Embrace mailing list, so don’t forget to sign up here.

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Upcoming Webinars

With Mark Yarhouse

December 14, 2022 | 12-1pm CST

Mark will translate practical wisdom for clinicians from Gender Identity and Faith to how to provide pastoral care to children, youth, and adults pursuing congruence between their gender identity and faith. This webinar will increase understanding of the cultural, ideological, and political polarization surrounding care for young people navigating gender-identity questions.

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Featured Resources

While Embrace resources will continue to be curated and created over time, there is already a breadth and depth of resources on faith, gender, and sexuality. To help you know where to begin to engage in these discipleship conversations, we suggest these featured resources created by the Covenant and ministry partners that highlight both theology and posture. Within the Embrace suite of resources, you can access generational resources (kids and families and youth), pastoral resources, and more to help equip the Covenant to flourish in faithful Christian sexuality and love with individuals who identify as LGBTQ+/SSA/sexual minorities.  

Sexual Wellness

Promote health and healing in personal sexuality

Youth Ministry

Support teens and their families as they navigate their unique challenges of developing sexuality

Pastoral Tools

To help pastors lead, preach/teach, and care well in the area of human sexuality

Head | Embrace Understanding

Grow in biblical and theological understanding

Heart | Embrace Love

Create safe and compassionate space for relational connection

Hands | Embrace Service

Make a difference with and for those who have been sexually marginalized or abused