We strengthen the community of vocational ministers through advocacy, endorsement, credentialing, care, and formation.

The Evangelical Covenant Church envisions a connected and faithful community of clergy and lay leaders who demonstrate the following traits: 

  • The active inclusion of all persons called to serve God, regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or disability
  • A deep understanding of Scripture, theology, discernment, and Covenant identity
  • A healthy self-awareness and personal care through Sabbath-based rhythms
  • A commitment to lifelong learning and relational accountability


We offer training and grant ministerial credentials to those who are called to serve vocationally in Covenant churches or other ministries.

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Care & Support for the Ministerium

We encourage pastors to be healthy by safeguarding and strengthening mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

Ministers' Crisis Fund

The Ministers’ Care and Crisis Fund supports those in ministry during times of crisis or need with funding for necessities such as healthcare, counseling, or essential household expenses.

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Sustaining Pastoral Excellence

The Sustaining Pastoral Excellence initiative facilitates learning and growth in pastoral character, competency, and constancy through content, cohorts, and coaching. Grants to help sustain healthy enduring ministry are available.

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Thriving in Ministry

The Thriving in Ministry work focuses on pastoral resiliency. It is our purpose to provide an alternative for our pastors, missionaries, and chaplains to isolation and stagnation which are the enemy of thriving and resiliency. 

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Women in Ministry

We seek to be a diverse and welcoming church that affirms the calling and gifts of the entire body of Christ. We support God’s gifting of women by urging churches to encourage women in their congregations to embrace leadership.

Covenant Orientation

We provide clergy and lay leaders opportunities to understand the identity and ethos of the Covenant. Orientation was designed to provide a way for people who are called to serve within the Covenant church but are unable to attend North Park Theological Seminary to fulfill the orientation requirement for Covenant credentialing.

Covenant Financial Leadership

We offer cohorts focused on helping credentialed Covenant pastors take charge of their own and their congregation’s financial health with a ministry and supportive peer community dedicated to the goal of financial resilience and the path out of debt and distress.

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Theological Education

We provide the training and tools for vocational and lay leaders to align with Covenant identity and become proficient in who we are and the mission. Centro Hispano de Estudios Teológicos is a theological and pastoral training center for Hispanic church planters, pastors, and lay leaders, offering courses in multiple locations. North Park Theological Seminary educates whole persons with the whole gospel for the whole world, producing evangelical scholarship and serving Christ’s church.


Tools for Covenant pastors to take charge of their own and their congregation’s financial health.

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Thriving in Ministry work focuses on pastoral resiliency. It is our purpose to provide an alternative for our pastors, missionaries, and chaplains to isolation and stagnation which are the enemy of thriving and resiliency.

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Resources needed to complete our credentialing processes and to thrive as a well formed, equipped, and supported minister.

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Information and applications for grants that are available to Covenant pastors, missionaries, and chaplains who satisfy the SPE-eligibility requirements and follow the process outlined for application.

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Free helpful resources on pastoral growth and care.

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Covenant-produced articles, books, and resources that address the call of women to pastoral ministry.

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This program provides a way for people who are unable to attend North Park Theological Seminary to fulfill the orientation requirement for Covenant credentialing.

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We offer group and self-guided retreats that help ministers to pause and reconnect with Christ regularly in their ministerial lives. Find out more about our 2022 offerings.

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A three-retreat experience spanning eight months which will lead participants in an exploration of the third formational stage of ministry life.

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This interactive retreat takes a formational, devotional, and practical look at personal finances and identifies tools to help build spending plans that invite impact.

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The Thriving in Ministry Initiative provides cohorts of learners, individual coaching and expert content in order to shape, strengthen, and support pastors as they strengthen their leadership skills in deep spirituality, family systems knowledge, emotional skills, and financial acuity.

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The Deeper in Christ retreat experience is designed for those in ministry who are seeking to renew their friendship with God, reignite their pastoral imagination, and explore their call in a deeper way.

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Our Stories

Four Key Initiatives Supported by Lilly Endowment

The Evangelical Covenant Church has had the privilege of resourcing our pastoral community for over two decades because of the generous gifts from the Lilly Endowment. The Lilly Endowment cares deeply for pastors. They have partnered with the Covenant to provide resources that help pastors live well into their call.

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Contact Develop Leaders

Our team is standing by to help you thrive in ministry.

Care & Support for the Ministerium

The staff of the Department of the Ordered Ministry partners with groups throughout the denomination to care and advocate for our community of pastors, missionaries, and chaplains across a continuum of care. Vocational identity resources include workshops in competency development and ministry renewal funded through the Sustaining Pastoral Excellence Initiative. Vocational discernment offers access to a network of trained spiritual directors as well as vocational and personal assessments and continuing education opportunities. Crisis intervention consists of, among other options, therapeutic referrals, consulting services, and advocacy with congregations and church councils.

For a confidential conversation, please call Pastoral Care Services at 773-442-6584.

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Women in Ministry

The Evangelical Covenant Church affirms the call to ministry for everyone. We have ordained and fully credentialed women since 1976, and we seek to be a diverse and welcoming church that affirms the calling and gifts of the entire body of Christ. The following help us to live out this affirmation.

The Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women

is a subset of the Covenant Ministerium that works to help women clergy fully live into their calls.

Project Deborah

seeks to move the Covenant to a place where we recognize, mentor, and celebrate called and gifted women in our midst.

The Commission on Biblical Gender Equality

exists within the church as a voice and advocate for continued progress in this story. The commission educates people in biblical gender equality; advocates for justice in the structure of the church regarding gender; equips the church to articulate the truth about biblical gender equality; and advocates for the modeling of women in ministry and leadership in all possible venues within the church.

Fostering the Flourishing of Women

integrates intentional pathways and resources for all women to flourish in every season of life, ministry context, and personal call.

Women in Leadership

is an initiative of the Covenant Ministerium committed to fully elevating and empowering women in leadership for the benefit of the whole body of Christ, through authorizing women leaders, advocating alongside survivors of abuse/harassment, and advancing women of color.

Lina Sánchez-Herrera

Chicago West Suburbs, Illinois

ECC Conference: Central
Gender: Female


Receiving New Directees: Yes
Directing Clergy: Yes
Client Genders: Both men and women
Skype or Facetime: Yes
Languages: English, Spanish
Retreat/Workshop Leader: Yes


C. John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction, North Park Theological Seminary


Pastors/Church Leadership, Missionaries, University Students, Discernment Process, Transitions, Multi-Ethnic Issues, Second Half of Life, Prayer, Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Prior to moving to the USA, I was a professor at the National University of Colombia and served with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Colombia for 16 years. Starting in 2001, I served as InterVarsity National Staff in the USA. I have a master’s degree in Christian Ministries, and I serve in Spiritual Direction to those who want to be fully present and available to God and receive His grace over them. My joy is to see professors and college students coming to know Jesus and being transformed into people that bring the good news of righteousness and justice to others.

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