Covenant World Relief & Development works through local partners around the world to reduce human suffering for the most vulnerable people and support healthy communities.

Our Mission​

The mission of Covenant World Relief & Development is to join God in loving, serving, and working in relationship together with the poor, oppressed, traumatized, and marginalized. The following values guide how we seek to carry out our mission and are particularly important in evaluating grant applications.

Representing the Kingdom

We seek to demonstrate the good news of Jesus Christ in word and deed. We believe the church is at its best when it holistically serves the most vulnerable—spiritually, physically, economically, intellectually, socially, and emotionally.

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Working in Mutual Partnership

We partner with established local organizations, relying on their expertise, experience, and networks. We prioritize Covenant connected relationships.

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Strengthening Local Communities

We affirm an asset-based relief and development model that prioritizes local resources—human, relational, material, and financial. The community and its leaders are equipped and empowered to carry out programs that are locally initiated and led. We work with, rather than for, the community.

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Serving the Most Vulnerable

We love and serve the poor, the oppressed, the traumatized, and the marginalized. We do not prioritize or discriminate based on ethnicity, gender, religion, or age.

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Transforming Individuals, Families, and Communities

We support comprehensive and sustainable development that leads to holistic transformation. We value the quality of impact more than the number of people impacted (depth over breadth).

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Affirming Dignity

We believe that all people are made in God’s image and are worthy of being treated with dignity and respect.

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Seeking Justice

We work to address the root causes of injustice through reconciliation, peacemaking, solidarity, and advocacy.

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Disaster Relief

We work with local partners on the ground to respond to those in need during times of disaster around the world.

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Clean Water Initiative

Through Project Blue, we help increase awareness of the need for clean water around the world and work to raise funds for global partners who are providing clean water and sanitation to more than 1 billion people without access.

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Refugee Response

We serve our refugee neighbors around the world who have had to leave their homes because of war, conflict, injustice, or natural disaster.

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Refugee Journey

The Refugee Journey is an opportunity for you and your church to experience what it is like to be forced from your home and become a refugee.

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Our Stories

Covenanters Working to Combat Hunger

For most people living a middle-class existence, hunger is a temporary condition—easily dispatched by a quick trip to the fridge, or if necessary, the grocery store. But for people in under-resourced communities, hunger is a burden that overshadows their everyday existence.

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Lina Sánchez-Herrera

Chicago West Suburbs, Illinois

ECC Conference: Central
Gender: Female


Receiving New Directees: Yes
Directing Clergy: Yes
Client Genders: Both men and women
Skype or Facetime: Yes
Languages: English, Spanish
Retreat/Workshop Leader: Yes


C. John Weborg Center for Spiritual Direction, North Park Theological Seminary


Pastors/Church Leadership, Missionaries, University Students, Discernment Process, Transitions, Multi-Ethnic Issues, Second Half of Life, Prayer, Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Prior to moving to the USA, I was a professor at the National University of Colombia and served with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Colombia for 16 years. Starting in 2001, I served as InterVarsity National Staff in the USA. I have a master’s degree in Christian Ministries, and I serve in Spiritual Direction to those who want to be fully present and available to God and receive His grace over them. My joy is to see professors and college students coming to know Jesus and being transformed into people that bring the good news of righteousness and justice to others.

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