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39 Clergy Honored for Lifetimes of Service

ST. PAUL, MN (June 26, 2010) – The Evangelical Covenant Church honored 39 clergy with a “Lifetime Service Recognition” during the denomination’s 125th Annual Meeting today.

Plaques were presented to clergy in attendance. Clergy are honored at the conference level, but the Department of the Ordered Ministry decided to give the recognition at the denominational level as well, because many ministers retire from conferences in which they did not spend the majority of their ministry years. Click here for video coverage.

With so many ministers and missionaries continuing to serve rather than retiring from ministry, Ordered Ministry decided to honor the clergy when they reach age 65.

Following are the names of those honored:

  • MaryAnn Ahlgren, Chicago, Illinois
  • Thomas B. Anderson, Lenexa, Kansas
  • Jolene M. Bergstrom-Carlson, Oak Park, Illinois
  • Richard B. Berry, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jeffrey Q. Black, Austin, Texas
  • Kenneth P. Carlson, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Jacqueline Clark, Redwood City, California
  • Tom W. Collins, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Joyce I. Cosman, Huntley, Illinois
  • M. Jane DeYoung, Concord, California
  • Tom L. Eisenman, Spring Valley, California
  • Rebecca M. Erickson, Warren, Pennsylvania
  • Stephen T. Franklin, Manteno, Illinois
  • James A. Fretheim, Burnsville, Minnesota
  • James W. Gustafson, World Mission
  • Sherron L. Hughes-Tremper, San Antonio, Texas
  • Richard P. Johnson, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Robert K. Johnston, Pasadena, California
  • Thomas W. King, Missoula, Montana
  • Susan E. Knight, Middletown, Connecticut
  • John K. Larson, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Gwynn W. Lewis, Harbor City, California
  • Richard M. Lindman, Bella Vista, Arkansas
  • S. Jerome Love, Clackamas, Oregon
  • Vicky F. Love, Clackamas, Oregon
  • Janet R. Lundblad, Des Plaines, Illinois
  • Gerald K. MacDicken, Federal Way, Washington
  • Theodore V. Nordlund, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Glenn R. Palmberg, Vashon, Washington
  • Jo Ellen Reaves, World Mission
  • Reuben C. Rosnau, Cook, Minnesota
  • Rodney J. Sawyer, Eagle River, Alaska
  • James W. Schwalm, Rockford, Illinois
  • Sharon M. Stenger, Rocklin, California,
  • James V. Sundholm, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Santiago C. Tezaguic, Los Angeles, California
  • John E. Thill, Pasadena, California
  • Robert K. Thompson, Keaau, Hawaii
  • Diana R. Trautwein, Santa Barbara, California

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