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Associate Pastor Killed, Member Injured in Bus Crash

The purpose of Navigate is to help established churches find their way to becoming healthy and missional in a post modern, post Christian world.  This is accomplished by the Holy Spirit empowering congregations as they walk the Congregational Vitality PathwayNavigate accelerates the process by catalyzing resources on the denominational, conference and local levels. Navigate is a “one-two-three” strategy consisting of one national gathering, two conference cluster gatherings and three local church follow up visits. Navigate is by invitation of the Conference and ECC.

Navigate is a process, not an event.  It is a process by which established churches navigate their way to becoming a healthy missional church in a world that is rapidly changing.

Navigate is an organic and dynamic partnership, not a program. It is a life-giving relationship between the ECC, the regional conference and the local church.  It is a life-giving relationship between the local churches from each conference that form a regional triad group. Moreover, it encourages life-giving and on-going relationships between the pastors of the participant churches.

Navigate is a journey, not a destination.  It is a journey led by the Holy Spirit.  It is a journey on the Congregational Vitality Pathway.  It is a journey that we travel together.

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