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Second Church Being Developed in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, NV (February 11, 2011) – A second Evangelical Covenant Church congregation is in the formation phase with worship services expected to begin sometime in the fall.

Advance Covenant Church is located in the west side of Las Vegas in the Summerlin area. Ryan Lunceford is the pastor.

“Advance Covenant Church will seek to reach young families who are currently unchurched and/or far from God,” says Wayne Carlson, director of church planting for the Pacific Southwest Conference.

Amistad Covenant Church (Hispanic) was started April 1, 2010. That congregation is ministering to about 80 adults and children, more than 40 of whom are new believers, says Carlson. Arturo Salas is the pastor.

“Las Vegas has been hit hard by the housing crisis and downturn of the economy,” Carlson notes. “At the same time, it experiences a high rate of crime and addictions of all kinds. There are many strong evangelical churches in the Las Vegas area, but the Covenant needs to become a partner in kingdom work in this spiritually dark region ironically known as the ‘city of lights.’ ”

Plans call for the planting of three churches within the conference during this initial phase of expansion, with an intentionally multiethnic congregation next, and then another three to five new churches over the next five years, Carlson says.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the conference’s church planting efforts in Las Vegas should contact the conference office or email Carlson.

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  • Marianne Peters is a freelance writer, master gardener, and environmental educator. She lives in Plymouth, Indiana with her husband, two teenage daughters, and two mischievous ginger cats called Fred and George (after the Weasley twins of Harry Potter fame). From 2008-2013 she wrote the Creation Care column for Covenant Companion magazine. In 2011, her family decided to downsize by half, a decision that led to the publication of her book Declutter for Good: Share Your Life and Reclaim Your Life. She blogs about green living and gardening at www.freshwordswriting.com.

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