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Missionaries Safe Following Japan Earthquake

CHICAGO, IL (March 11, 2011) – Evangelical Covenant Church missionaries in Japan report they are safe following a deadly 8.9-magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that slammed into the island sweeping away, homes, cars, buildings and ships.

So far it appears Ellen and Jay Haworth have been most directly impacted by the quake. Ellen is spending the night in her car because of extensive damage in the family’s home, which also has no electricity. Jay is scheduled to arrive back in Japan today, but so far the Narita international airport is closed.

The earthquake and subsequent 23-foot tsunami were followed by more than 20 aftershocks. Most of them registered at more than a magnitude 6.0. Early news reports say at least 60 people were killed and 56 are missing. The death toll is expected to rise.

The tremors shook cities and villages along a 1,300-mile stretch of coastline.

Covenant News Service will publish updated information through Twitter, Facebook, and it regular news report as it becomes available.

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