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New Covenant Online Video Resource Launched

CHICAGO, IL (June 27, 2011) – A unique Covenant website called CovChurch.tv has been created that gathers into one place all Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) video content and simplifies the process of accessing that video content for use in congregational settings, for personal use at home or on a variety of mobile devices.

Currently, links to Covenant video content are embedded throughout the ECC website, residing in individual ministry website sections, including individual news stories. CovChurch.tv aggregates all of that content into one place where it can be easily and quickly located.

CovChurch.tv also provides the capability for local churches and affiliated ministries to submit their own video content to be considered for inclusion, notes Joshua Havens director of the Media Center in the Department of Communication. “CovChurch.tv also provides a place where Covenanters can discuss what videos are important to them and share ways in which they have used them in creative ways within their ministry contexts,” he added.

Content includes archives of live broadcasts from events like Annual Meeting, Midwinter, Triennial, and the Feast. It also includes an archive of the Take One webcasts that have addressed topics including urban ministry, spiritual direction and the most recent one that examined the proposed Covenant Resource Paper that will be presented during next week’s Annual Meeting in Colorado.

Archives of other live webcasts such as those related to Japan relief efforts are also available on CovChurch.tv.

Click here to visit this new video content resource.

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