Reconstructed Bridge Reopens in Congo

KARAWA, DR CONGO (October 3, 2012) – Travel between Gemena and Karawa became easier last week when reconstruction was completed on a bridge that washed out in August.

The bridge, which is part of National Highway 24, was dedicated on Thursday. Congo Covenant Church (CEUM) President Jules Mboka Ngate expressed gratitude to the Evangelical Covenant Church and the Paul Carlson Partnership for funding the project.

Several local and regional government officials attended the ceremony. “They spoke of the importance of the bridge to connect people and villages to each other, of how there had been several close calls during the time the bridge was out, and of how we all need to work together,” said Covenant Missionary Pete Ekstrand.

A local businessman expressed his gratitude because it meant he could travel safely between Gemena and Karawa. The bridge washed out a day before a delegation from the Evangelical Covenant Church attended the 75th anniversary of Covenant ministry in the country last month.

One of the vehicles got stuck and had to be pulled out. What remained of the bridge also popped a tire on another vehicle.


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