Mission and Ministry Materials Available for Download

CHICAGO, IL (November 9, 2015) — The Covenant Mission and Ministry 2016 booklets and video highlighting the previous year of ministry in the ECC and a preview of things to come are being mailed to congregation leaders and also are available for download.

Included in the materials:

  • There were 12,500 people who made first-time commitments to Christ.
  • There are 1,800 credentialed active clergy serving as pastors, missionaries, chaplains, and other ministry positions.
  • Ministry grants amounting to $100,000 were presented to compassion and justice ministries across the Covenant this past year, and $50 million in free healthcare was provided through partnerships with affiliated organizations such as Covenant Ministries of Benevolence.
  • Nine hundred people from more than 50 churches served on 55 mission teams through Merge Ministries.
  • Churches that joined the Covenant are attended by 2,934 people.


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