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March 20: New Deadline to Apply for Director of Women’s Initiatives

CHICAGO, IL (March 14, 2019) – Applications for the Evangelical Covenant Church’s newly created position of director of women’s initiatives will be accepted through March 20.

This position will be housed in the President’s office because of its high emphasis on advancing women in collaboration with all five mission priorities: Develop Leaders, Love Mercy Do Justice, Make and Deepen Disciples, Serve Globally and Start & Strengthen Churches.

“Fostering the flourishing of women is one of our focal points, and this position represents a significant step forward in turning the vision into reality,” Wenrich said. “We affirm women as called and gifted for every ministry in the church, in the marketplace, in the community and at home.”

In the meantime, the mission priority of Develop Leaders will continue its commitment to investing in and catalyzing female clergy. In 1976, the Evangelical Covenant Church voted to begin ordaining women, and about 10 percent of 1,878 active credentialed pastors are female lead or co-pastors. While that’s roughly in line with the national average of Protestant female pastors—the Barna Group, a research organization focused on the intersection of faith and culture, put the number at 9 percent in its 2017 “State of Pastors” report—Evangelical Covenant Church leaders say they would like that number to grow.

Angela Yee, Evangelical Covenant Church’s executive director of ministry development, who will oversee the director of women’s initiatives, says placing the director of women’s initiatives in the office of the president “allows this person to gain a large-picture perspective, synergize efforts and catalyze change in culture and systems, which is needed in order for doors to be opened for women to fully live into their callings.”

Yee adds the church is looking for a collaborative, strong leader. “This is a job that has both great challenges to overcome,” Yee said, “as well as potential for immense impact.”

A detailed job description is pasted below, as well as posted online. Please send position-specific questions, applications, nominations and referrals to hr@covchurch.org.


Erin Chan Ding 
Executive Director of Communications
The Evangelical Covenant Church


Position: Director of Women’s Initiatives
Area: Office of the President
Reports to: Executive Director of Ministry Development
Supervises: Contractors, Interns, and Volunteers
Status: Exempt


The Director of Women’s Initiatives will facilitate, develop and advance the flourishing of women within the Evangelical Covenant Church. Under the vision and leadership of the Office of the President, this Director will identify and develop opportunities and priorities for the leadership and development of women. This ministry leader will coordinate efforts with the mission priorities to strengthen engagement pathways for women across the Evangelical Covenant Church to fully live into their callings.

The Director of Women’s Initiatives will coordinate ministry resources and partnerships across mission priorities, conferences, and local churches, Evangelical Covenant Church affiliates and Evangelical Covenant Church committees and respective boards to optimize opportunities and engagements for women of the Covenant. This director will:

  • Develop relationships with key leaders, leadership teams and boards to synergize efforts;
  • In conjunction with Evangelical Covenant Church leaders and ministry partners, strategize pathways of development for leaders;
  • Influence and give voice to the priority of women across the denomination;
  • Work with Executive Ministers and mission priorities to develop initiatives for women;
  • Collaborate with Advancement on the ongoing sustainability of ministry efforts and initiatives;
  • Facilitate teaching/learning experiences
  • Develop and provide resources.

In all of these, collaboration with Evangelical Covenant Church staff, conferences, and local churches is critical to assure integration and synergy of strategies and objectives throughout Evangelical Covenant Church ministry efforts.

Essential Functions

  • Collaborate with the Executive Director of Ministry Development and Executive Ministers of the five mission priorities, associations and Covenant leaders to develop, promote and implement a comprehensive strategic plan for the development of women within the denomination that encompasses all generations and contexts of the Covenant.
  • Collaborate on the development of resources that support women’s leadership and discipleship.
  • Work collaboratively with the 5 mission priorities (Start & Strengthen Churches, Make and Deepen Disciples, Love Mercy Do Justice, Develop Leaders and Serve Globally) to advance the flourishing of women in all walks of life; develop training, resources and curriculum, and implement strategies and structures for sustainability.
  • Collaborate with Communications in marketing and communication development strategies to effectively communicate opportunities for the flourishing of all women in the Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • Along with other staff and key leaders, oversee planning and execution of Evangelical Covenant Church events for women.
  • Provide support to conference and local church staff through mobilizing, consulting, coaching and resourcing on women’s discipleship and leadership.
  • Cultivate and strengthen partnerships between the denomination, conference offices and Women Ministries conference boards.
  • Advocate for ethnic diversity and exercise best practices that increase the multi-ethnic mosaic within sphere of influence.
  • Collaborate with Advancement team in fundraising efforts; in the formulation and management grants and donor relations.
  • Engage with colleagues and Evangelical Covenant Church ministry leaders to enhance ministry outcomes.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director of Ministry Development.

Education and Experience

Required: Ordained in the Evangelical Covenant Church, with a master’s degree in Divinity, Christian Formation, Theology, or related field. A minimum engagement of five (5) years in the Evangelical Covenant Church and a minimum of 5 years of functioning in ministry positions. Demonstrated experience in resourcing and leading women or counseling women. Has gifts of leadership, administration, strategic thinking, implementation, and strong relational skills.

Preferred: Ministry Experience with women’s clergy committees, conference level activities, women’s ministry, ministry leadership, discipleship and small/large group presentations.


  • Provides vision and inspiration to peers and subordinates. Displays passion and optimism. Inspires respect and trust. Mobilizes others to fulfill the vision.
  • Develops workable implementation plans. Communicates changes effectively. Builds commitment and overcomes resistance. Prepares and supports those affected by change. Monitors transition and evaluates results.
  • Includes stakeholders in planning, decision-making, facilitating and process improvement. Takes responsibility for subordinates’ activities. Solicits and applies feedback (internal and external). Fosters quality focus in others. Improves processes, products and services.
  • Effectively presents information to top management, public groups, and/or boards of directors.
  • Mastery of Microsoft and Windows applications, databases development and management, and web technologies; strong word processing and spreadsheet skills.
  • Strong project management skills and a preference for collaboration.
  • Detail oriented, strong organization, prioritization and time-management skills are eminent.
  • Excellent attention to detail with high level of accuracy in the preparation of documents, reports and correspondence.
  • Knowledge of research and analysis processes and developing strategies and outcomes based on research.
  • Works well under pressure and is able to accomplish multiple tasks, with conflicting priorities and timelines. Ability to track and report progress on a wide range of tasks, simultaneously.
  • Ability to operate with discretion and confidentiality at all times.
  • Strong communication skills — talks to others to convey information effectively and efficiently.
  • Responds appropriately and adjusts actions in relation to others’ actions.
  • Reads, analyzes, and interprets common ministry data, journals, financial reports, and legal documents.
  • Exhibits confidence in self and others. Inspires and motivates others to perform well. Effectively influences actions and opinions of others. Accepts feedback from others and gives appropriate recognition to others.
  • Self-starter, with the ability to work independently. Use critical thinking skills – using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems.

Environment Conditions

Able to work well in professional office setting, but occasionally works in remote locales. Must be willing to relocate to Chicago area. Occasional domestic travel. Must be versatile and able to work for prolong segments sitting or standing. Must engage frequently with office tools and equipment, such as: computer, copier, phone, web-conferencing equipment, cell communication, printers, etc. Must be able to occasionally lift or move items, less than 35 lbs. Occasionally, pack and unpack, move and lift boxes that contain ministry materials.


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