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Covenant Board Members Elected

Delegates to the 135th Annual Meeting elected members to various boards during today’s business session. Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Annual Meeting, elections were held for officers who would have been elected last year in addition to officers elected for 2021. Officers who were to be elected in 2020 will serve one year less than the regular term in order to maintain the annual rotation order.


Executive Board

Timothy Rogers (6 years)
Ben Schoffmann (6 years)
Greg Jao (6 years)
Jennifer Mitchell Fetch (5 years)
Evelyn Perez (5 years)
Jon Bonkoski (4 years)

Board of the Ordered Ministry

Ed Carey (5 years)
Marco Ambriz (5 years)
Peter Kim (5 years)

Board of Benevolence

Darryl Johnson Sr. (5 years)
Semmeal Thomas (5 years)

Board of Trustees of North Park University

Beth Fredrickson (5 years)
Gricel Medina (5 years)
Sally Carlson (5 years)

Board of Nominations

Michael Coglan (5 years)
Won Kim (5 years)
Jeffrey Burton (5 years)


Elizabeth Jensen (moderator)
Rick Lindholtz (vice moderator)


Executive Board

Dale Smith (6 years)
Mary Ann Owens (6 years)
Susan Park (6 years)
David Holder (5 years)

Board of the Ordered Ministry

Win Houwen (5 years)
Debbie Blue (5 years)
TJ Smith (2 years)
Dennis Carlson (1 year)

Board of Nominations

Michelle Brown (5 years)

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