30 for 30

An Immersion into Leadership Growth

The 30 for 30 Initiative is a cohort of young leaders from across the denomination, creating a potential pipeline to future leadership positions in the Covenant. By learning and growing in their leadership abilities, these 30 young leaders, all in their 30s, increase their capacity and develop key competencies to step up to key leadership roles. The cohort represents a deep investment in the future of the Covenant. While 30 for 30 does not guarantee a future call, it does create stimulating and challenging environments for younger leaders to be stretched and to grow spiritually.

30 for 30 Seeks to

  • Develop leaders in their 30s who already demonstrate high capacity
  • Create access for emerging leaders across genders and the multiethnic mosaic
  • Complement the good work local churches and conferences are already doing to cultivate leaders
  • Connect experienced mentors with leaders of the next generation
  • Model and jump-start other leadership pipelines in local churches and conferences
  • Instruct and inform on conference and denominational leadership dynamics, governance, structure, and strategic processes

What We Do

Each cohort lasts two years, with three retreats per year, to provide participants exposure to different contexts. Core competencies are developed around the leadership stool, a model presented by David T. Olson in his book Discovering Your Leadership Style. The 30 for 30 Initiative explores and deepens understanding of these key areas and how to apply them to ministry and conference/denominational leadership.


Love God: Relationship with God and identity/calling

Saturation in Scripture / Spiritual disciplines / Holy Spirit sensitivity / Understanding and articulation of identity in Christ and calling


Love others: Relationship with others

Interpersonal chemistry / Team chemistry / Crowd chemistry


Love the world: Advancing the mission

Envisioning / Building / Managing

Leadership Wisdom

Following the leadership example of Jesus with all your heart

Leader instinct / Leader fruitfulness / Leadership multiplication

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