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Marianne Peters

Church Spotlight: A Renewed Vision

“This church has a rich history. We have members whose families have been around for three, four, and even five generations,” says Peterson. “Now we are in a position to launch a $3 million capital campaign to maximize our building for our community.”

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Five Minutes with Joyce Boggess

When Joyce Boggess began researching her ancestry, she never expected to find herself face to face with the descendants of the Southern family who once enslaved her family. Now, with a calm resolve, Joyce seeks opportunities to share stories of African American history—her own family’s and those of her hometown, Freeport, Illinois.

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Church Spotlight: Coming Home to the Potter’s House

“Listen to each other with empathy, patience, and respect. Offer to help and support anyone who is in need. Value each other with God’s love. Encourage each other to grow in faith, love, and wisdom.” That’s exactly what they are living into
on the corner of Clay and Grove Streets in Thomaston.

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Church Spotlight: A Whispered Call to Ministry

They call themselves the Harbor Covenant Church. “A harbor provides shelter for boats in storms, facilities to repair boats, and it acts as a port where you can import and export cargo to the rest of the world. Jesus did those things, and that’s our mission—to be home, healing, and hope through Jesus Christ.” They have been holding preview services and will launch in August.

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