All employees working at least twenty hours per week at Covenant churches, ministries, regional conferences, camps, and conference centers are eligible to enroll in Bethany Benefit Service. Covenant-ordained ministers whose non-Covenant employer is paying into the Covenant Pension Fund on their behalf are also eligible for coverage.

Retirees and part-time employees (working 20 to 29 hours per week) are not eligible for life and long-term disability benefits. These individuals may only enroll in our health insurance package.

You may choose to waive dental and vision coverage for a slight decrease in premium.

You may choose to waive health insurance and enroll only in life and long-term disability benefits if you are receiving health benefits through another employer (either a spouse’s employer or a secondary employer of your own). If you are enrolled in life and long-term disability benefits, you are eligible to enroll in health insurance at any time in the year. You may not waive health insurance and elect other benefits if you are enrolled in an individual policy or another policy offered by your Covenant employer.

If you waive health insurance, you may choose to elect dental and vision coverage for yourself and your family.

When to Enroll

New employees are eligible for benefits on their date of hire. Otherwise, employees must enroll on January 1 during open enrollment. Exceptions to open enrollment apply if your current health insurance contract expires mid-year or if your employer is newly invited into the Covenant denomination.

Retiring ministers in the Covenant Pension Fund are eligible to enroll at the time of their own retirement, their spouse’s retirement, or the date they begin withdrawing from the Covenant Pension Fund.