Blazing Center

As Covenant people, we affirm a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit. The Blazing Center Resource Suite is specifically designed to ignite a passion to see the Holy Spirit to move through our congregations, out of our churches, and into our communities.

Sermon Samples

As part of the 6-week Blazing Center sermon series, we have produced sample sermons from the book of Acts. Each message manuscript was written and delivered by by a Covenant leader as examples of how the church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, can help God to create a more caring and just world across the street and around the globe. The resource list also includes video shorts, featuring thought-provoking quotes, that can be used during the worship experience as sermon intros or creative service elements. Download Here >>

John Wenrich | The Blazing Center
Al Tizon | Living the Dream: The Kingdom of God in Global Mission
Lance Davis | The Blazing Center Connects
Paul Robinson | The Blazing Center Qualifies
Michelle Sanchez | The Spirt of Disciple Making
Paul Lessard | Hearing the Voice of Jesus
Marilyn Williams | The Blazing Center for Women in the Church Today

25-Day Devotional

If you want to see how bright the “Blazing Center” can burn, just look at the early church. As Covenant “people of the Book,” we are going to take 25 days to engage with the stories of how the Holy Spirit moved among the first followers of Jesus. Using “The Reading Bible” format of the Immerse series, this devo presents the book of Acts without any chapters or verses.

Agenda of Thirds


Many churches spend valuable meeting time talking about two demotivating factors: money and attendance. The Agenda of Thirds offers a different way of organizing meetings that focuses attention on the person and work of the Holy Spirit.

Group Resources

Small Groups. Sunday School. Youth & Children programming. Blazing Center resources were created to be used in group settings during the sermon series. Every session in each 6-week study was written to examine Jesus’s promise of the Holy Spirit and fulfillment of that promise in the book of Acts. Download digital copies below or order printed hard copies at CovBooks >>


Picture Cards

Picture Cards are a visual exploration of photos from everyday life that remind us of the Holy Spirit’s presence in every area of our life. You can use them in:

– Small Groups or Sunday School environments to kick-start conversations

– Leadership team gatherings as an ice-breaker or team-building exercise

– Sermons as an illustration or take-home activity

Try them out. Just don’t be too surprised when God uses them to help people discover and deepen their daily dependence on the Holy Spirit. Download digital copies below or order printed hard copies at CovBooks>>