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Love the Cov Podcast

We Are an Immigrant Church

Longtime Covenant historian Phil Anderson unpacks our history and identity as an immigrant church, and Danny Martinez, superintendent of the Central Conference, speaks into this conversation from his perspective as a Covenanter who is a 1.5 generation immigrant.

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We Are Committed to Global Mission

Why was global mission so important to early Covenanters? Curt Peterson, executive minister of Serve Globally 2003-2015 (and currently serving in that role as interim), shares some of our Covenant history and how our understanding of mission has changed over time. And Jim Sequeira, pastor of Cascade View Covenant Church in Vancouver, Washington, joins us to share why he Loves the Cov!

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We are Missional

In episode 3 Efrem Smith joins us to talk about the Covenant being a missional church. We also hear from co-pastors Marv and Linda Norlien from the Northwest Conference on why they love the Cov.

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We Are Pietists

Covenant theologian Michelle Clifton-Soderstrom joins us to help us understand Pietism and how this movement has influenced the Covenant. This week you’ll also hear Cathy’s journey into the Covenant.

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Covenant Beginnings

Welcome to the first episode of the Love the Cov podcast! Join co-hosts Jane Chao Pomeroy and Cathy Norman Peterson for a conversation with C. John Weborg on how the Evangelical Covenant Church started. You’ll also get to know Jane as she shares how she got into the Covenant.

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A collaboration between Make and Deepen Disciples and the Covenant Companion, join hosts Jane Chao Pomeroy and Cathy Norman Peterson as they explore all there is to love about being Covenant. Join us for conversations about our shared Covenant story and distinctives as we move toward our future together as mission friends.

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