Curriculum Material

Introduction Brochure

The introduction brochure is designed to introduce The Journey to those who have not used it before. In addition to describing each of the curriculum resources in depth, it also contains additional useful tips for using The Journey successfully.

Mentor Guide

A spiritual mentor is a vital element in the spiritual growth of youth. Mentors encourage youth in their relationship with Christ. Parents and other interested Christian adults can serve effectively as mentors.

Leader’s Guide

A loose-leaf notebook provides the teaching plan for each session in The Journey. Careful attention is given to include ideas that are appropriate for a variety of learning styles in each session plan. The session plans are designed for a 60 minute time frame, with options available to expand the time to 90 minutes. Also included are suggestions for adapting the plans for both large and small class sizes.

Student Journals

The two part journal, called The Journey, presents the story of God from beginning to end. One book explores the Old Testament, and the other presents the New Testament and church history. The Journey encourages students to read their Bibles daily using passages that expand on the material presented in the journal; the Bible is the central text book and the journal becomes the guide, or road map. The journal includes the following elements: A Session Overview, Time with God, Building Blocks, Going the Extra Mile, and Going Deeper.


A supplemental audiobook is included with the Old and New Testament Journals. The audiobook is designed to be used with or in place of the journal as an additional method to support auditory learners, students with learning disabilities, or students with visual impairments. In addition, the audiobook is included with both the Leader’s Guide and the Parent/Mentor Guide, giving leaders, parents, and mentors an additional way to keep pace with what their students are studying.

How to Adapt the Journey for Adults

This 40-page booklet was written to help pastors and adult learners evaluate The Journey (2-year Covenant Discipleship/Confirmation Curriculum) as a resource for adult discipleship/confirmation. It also includes specific ideas for using The Journey and provides additional resource ideas for working with adult learners.