Live the Story at YWC2012

Have you ever thought of your life as a story? Sometimes choppy and difficult to understand? Sometimes bright, uplifting, and beautiful. Occasionally so dark that we prefer a fictitious storyline to our reality. Oftentimes vacillating between the bland and the extraordinary. Always unique. Never without impacting the trajectory of the lives of others. What’s your story?

It is all too easy to compartmentalize our days. We allocate particular space and time for the many facets of our lives: home, work, school, church, call, career, ministry, family, hobbies, service, recreation. Yet we know that each of these aspects of life on their own are but a segment of a larger story, mere chapters or subsections.

Let’s investigate what life looks like when the presence of God infuses all aspects of our individual and communal lives. Take time with us to stop skimming the chapters, and Live the Story that God has called us to together. Please consider joining with others who are called to walk beside youth and families at Youth Workers Connection 2012.

  • Share our stories: the glorious, the tragic, the mundane, and the ever-changing
  • Write another chapter together
  • Live the Story!

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