Other Prayer Resources

Other Prayer Resources

Covenant Resources

Week of Prayer | Traditionally in the Covenant, Week of Prayer is designated at the beginning of each new year. Material is developed for this emphasis each year, but it is intentionally not dated so that it can be used any time throughout the year and beyond. Each resource is a seven-session guide for individual, family, or small group study, reflection, and interaction.

Breathe | Breathe is an experience that will give you a taste of a variety of spiritual practices designed to allow you time and space to hear God’s voice. Consider experiencing Breathe as you take a walk, go out for a run, sit by a body of water, reflect in a quiet space or one filled with activity. God speaks to us in a variety of ways including time set aside to read or listen to scripture. God can use others to speak truth into our lives. Breathe may be time when it is just you and God in a quiet space. We invite on this journey – to listen for God in that still small voice.

Intentional Discipleship (I.D.) | This online planning tool is designed to be used as a guide—not to give you the right answers but to guide you to ask the right questions. As a result, you can decide the best answers for your church. The material also links you to a variety of experts who have written extensively on our topics in order to give you other insights for answering the questions.

I.D. includes many types of resources representing a broad reach of the “how to do church” spectrum and all have good ideas to share. By taking this direction, this planning tool will help you consider your options and then create a good plan for your church.

Growing Deeper Tools | The Growing Deeper Tools are a series of practical pamphlets for use by individuals, families, or groups. Based on the belief that growth in Christ needs to be nurtured through regular spiritual practices, these new tools offer a variety of practices from which to choose.

Grow Deeper in Christ: An Introduction to Spiritual Practices | This eight-session guide was created to appeal to different learning styles and utilizes Bible study, discussion, shared experiences, personal reflection, and practice, to allow participants to incorporate the spiritual disciplines into their journey toward growth in Christ.
The Prayer That Focuses Life |This seven-session study of the Lord’s Prayer provides a guide for daily discipleship to refocus on God’s purpose for daily living. This booklet is designed for individual and small group use.
Covenant Home Altar | This devotional guide is meant to aid you in your spiritual journey. Written by Covenanters, it is based on scripture and seeks to relate biblical truth to everyday experiences.
Missionary Prayer Calendar | The Missionary Prayer Calendar can be used as a convenient daily prayer guide to pray for Covenant missionaries and the countries in which they serve. Each day includes a picture of a Covenant missionary and their family, where and how they serve, their birthdays, as well as additional information.
Church Planting and Vitality Prayer Calendar | Use this to pray for each person on his or her date. The calendar contains specific prayer requests from each of the individuals involved in church planting, vitality, and other ministries related to church growth.
Missionary Prayer Guide Bookmark | This bookmark focuses on praying for missionaries and their daily needs, which is one way we can partner and participate in their ministries. All missionaries desire to be in the center of God’s will for their lives, to carry out an effective ministry, to relate well to people from the adopted culture, to care for family and fellow missionaries, and to remain healthy – both physically and emotionally.
Prayer for the World | We can participate in God’s work in the world through prayer. We pray so that all people may know God’s love and grace through Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit. This insert focuses on praying for people, daily needs, and crises around the world.

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