God Is Our King – Philippians 3:17–4:1

February 26, 2016

Read Philippians 3:17–4:1 This is a presidential election year in the United States. Depending on your views about politics, this news may be exciting or frustrating. Because we always seem to be in an election cycle, there’s a saying that has been floating around the Internet: “No matter who’s president, Jesus is still King.” I don’t know the intention of whoever…

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God Is Our Deliverer – Psalm 3

February 25, 2016

Read Psalm 3 Deliverance belongs to the Lord; may your blessing be on your people!” (v. 8). David writes this song while he is on the run. Despite the fact that he is once again being pursued and surrounded by his enemies, David is certain that God will deliver him. Why? Because he knows the history of how God delivered the…

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God Is Our Promise Keeper – Genesis 15:1-6

February 24, 2016

Read Genesis 15:1-6 About ten years before this encounter between Abram and God, God had promised Abram and his wife a son. In today’s passage, God comforts Abram after a particularly troubling experience by promising to protect and reward him. Abram, still childless, is doubtful and challenges God, “What will you give me, for I continue childless….You have given me no…

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God Is Our Hope – Psalm 39:4-7

February 23, 2016

Read Psalm 39:4-7 Life is short, pray hard.” “Life is short, eat dessert first.” The Internet is full of statements like these to remind us that our days on earth are numbered. As our bodies age, we receive daily reminders that life is fleeting. This is one of the primary messages that we take away from the book of Ecclesiastes, written…

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God Is Here – Psalm 27:7-14

February 22, 2016

Read Psalm 27:7-14 We often sing, preach, and teach about heaven and what a wonderful place it is. When loved ones die, we find comfort in knowing that they are “in a better place.” However, David challenges us to shift our perspective and expectations. If we’re not careful, focusing solely on the goodness of heaven may cause us to miss out…

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God Is Our Strength – Psalm 27:1-6 (Second in Lent)

February 21, 2016

Read Psalm 27:1-6 If we’re honest with ourselves, the way that we enter into the Lenten season can look a lot like the way we enter into a new year. In fact, depending on how successful we’ve been since January 1, Lent may be our second shot at accomplishing some New Year’s resolutions. For most of us, though, we enter into…

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God’s Proclamation of Salvation – Romans 10:8b-13

February 20, 2016

Read Romans 10:8-13 Have you ever tried to tell someone you didn’t know or who was from a different culture what faith in Jesus means? Although differences between Jews and Gentiles (all non-Jews) was huge in Paul’s world, it was similar to that which exists today between nationalities, religions, income levels, races, or whatever may divide us, Paul is very clear…

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God’s Warning – Luke 4:9-13

February 19, 2016

Read Luke 4:9-13 Would you ever throw yourself off a high building, expecting the Lord to save you? In today’s sport world, more and more dare-devil events seem (to me) to tempt fate. Activities like bungee jumping, free falling from cliffs, and high suspense activities are common. I confess, even the thought of it all makes me shudder. I do not…

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God’s Reminder of Who to Worship – Luke 4:5-8

February 18, 2016

Read Luke 4:5-8 When I studied this passage, my first thought was that the devil really goofed when he tried to influence Jesus. Did he know who he was talking to? If the devil had “all authority and splendor” as he claimed, he must have known Jesus’s background. In Luke 3 John the Baptist tells the people about the Messiah promised…

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God’s Answer for Temptation – Luke 4:1-4

February 17, 2016

Read Luke 4:1-4 Most of us, if we went to Sunday school and church, think of Jesus as the resurrected Savior, not a weak human being. Luke’s descriptions of the temptations of Jesus, therefore, can be hard to understand. But here is Jesus in the desert with the devil. Verse 2 says he had not eaten and was hungry. Now, I…

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